1. September Instrumentals Prod. by Judah Exec Prod. by @Carminelitta

  2. August Instrumentals Prod. by Judah Exec Prod. by Dart Adams

  3. July Instrumentals Prod by Judah

  4. June Instrumentals Pro. by Judah Exec. Pro. by @raheema30

  5. Judah x X.O. - Timeless II E.P. [The Extras]
    Judah & X.O.

  6. May Instrumentals Prod. by Judah Exec. Prod by Bonita Starr

  7. April Instrumentals Pro. by Judah Exec. Pro. by Tyi-Sanna Jones
    Judah & Tyi-Sanna Jones

  8. March Instrumentals

  9. Ms. February Instrumentals [February Instrumentals]

  10. Judah - The World We Live In (Instrumentals) *January
    Judah x @Judahonthebeats

  11. Judah Presents.......Emma & I [Slight E.P.]
    Emma Claye

  12. Beats I Didn't Want to DELETE!!!!

  13. Chopped up some MGMT

  14. Trips To California (Instrumentals)

  15. Judah & DJ Heat Present Summer's Over Mixtape
    Various DMV Artist

  16. The Lupita Instrumentals

  17. The Amber Rose Instrumentals

  18. Beats In Memory of Kleph Dollaz
    Judah and Kleph Dollaz

  19. JUDAH X NWA X WALE-Still Running
    Judah x NWA x Wale

  20. Eastbound and Down...The Instrumentals

  21. Miss Trouble-Cold Play x Jay-Z (Produced by Judah) Viva La Hov

  22. Wale- 100 Miles and Running

  23. Say- John Mayer x Jay Z (Produced by JUDAH)

  24. For The Taking- Stat Quo (Produced by JUDAH)
    Stat Quo

  25. Riding in that Black Joint- Wale (Produced by JUDAH)

  26. Critical Acclaim- Wale (Produced by JUDAH)

  27. X.O. and JUDAH Present Timeless

  28. The Infected- C- Rayz Walz (Produced by Judah)
    C-Rayz Walz

  29. Stay Pluggin- Tabi Bonney x Stally (Produced by JUDAH)

  30. Hypebeast.com x JUDAH x Mick Boogie = The Hype Club

  31. Love Leaves- Tabi Bonney (Produced by Judah)
    Tabi Bonney

  32. Hello Iraq produced by Judah
    Ras Kass


  34. So Fresh, So Clean
    GLC, Wais P, Boss Man, Carlita Durand

  35. Crack Paradise- (Produced by JUDAH)
    Lana Del Ray x Biggie

  36. Phil Ade- Worth Your Time
    Phil Ade

  37. Take The Hate
    Judah, Nas, Amy Winehouse, Terry Urban, Okayplayer

  38. Stay Pluggin feat Tabi Bonney and Stalley prod. by JUDAH

  39. Push Thru- Talib, Currensy & Kendrick Lamar (Produced by JUDAH) BEAT SOCIETY REMIX
    kendrick lamar, talib, currensy, judah, beat society, dmv, music, hip hop

  40. Let's Go
    Sir Aah X Clipse


Judah Washington, D.C.

At the height of a movement, JUDAH’s role in pushing DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) music is capitol. Still, the producer makes a grand impression in the industry with production for national artists such as Wale, Tabi Bonney, Stat Quo and Raheem Devaughn along with music collaborated with artist on Bad Boy and Koch Records. ... more


  • Oct 20
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

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